Jacksonville Organizations Push For Signatures Deadline for Voting Restoration Ballot Initiative Draws Near

On Saturday, November 11th, volunteers canvassed Jacksonville neighborhoods, committed to gathering enough petitions that would give voters next year an opportunity to restore voting rights to the state's more than 1.6 million felons who have completed their sentences. 

Faith Breakfast Launches Weekend Community Effort To Collect Petitions For Voting Restoration Ballot Measure

The Restoring Hope: Faith Breakfast helps launch a month-long initiative to energize the Jacksonville faith community around the Say Yes to Second Chanves campaign, an effort that seeks to change the state constitution to automatically restore the right to vote to those who have paid their debt to society.

NewFM: Let’s Honor the Faith of Voters & Renew Democracy’s Promise

Last night, voters across the nation and in Miami went to the polls to decide what kind of democracy and society they wanted to help build.

Local parties look to turn out voters for City of Miami election

New Florida Majority Education Fund (NewFM-EF), in partnership with Citizen University, is hosting block parties this weekend dedicated to encouraging residents to vote in local elections in Miami.

Little Havana Residents Celebrate Early Voting

Residents in Little Havana came out on Thursday, November 2nd to celebrate the democracy, as they attend a Joy of Voting block party in Miami’s Dominoe Park.      The event featured singer Luis David Sierra,  a Colombian singer of salsa and other traditional Latin American music that performs regularly at...
The Real Storm Hits Now: Florida Organizations Launch Irma Community Recovery Fund  to Support Vulnerable Families

The Real Storm Hits Now: Florida Organizations Launch Irma Community Recovery Fund to Support Vulnerable Families

Grassroots organizing groups have created a community relief fund to support the wellbeing and recovery of vulnerable communities. Find out more about the fund and how to donate.
Tell Us A Bit About Your Hurricane Irma Experience

Tell Us A Bit About Your Hurricane Irma Experience

Fill out this survey about your Hurricane Irma experience so that we can improve local government's response to storms and implement plans that better serve neighborhood emergency response needs.
Why Give Miami Day is So Important

Why Give Miami Day is So Important

Participation in Give Miami Day is a direct reflection of who we are and what we should be about. It sends a timely message to private and public sector funding sources about the kind of city and state that people want to see created and supported.

Mission Statement

The New Florida Majority is an independent organization working to increase the voting and political power of marginalized and excluded constituencies toward an inclusive, equitable, and just Florida. We believe in a participatory democracy where people can be their whole selves. We train grassroots citizens to be leaders, mobilize communities to vote, educate the public to share our values, and inspire Floridians to take action toward their dreams. We organize people, ideas, and resources to build a powerful new vision for Florida’s new majority. A cornerstone of our beliefs is defending and expanding the voting rights of all citizens, including those who are new to the country, raising children on their own, struggling to make a living, or returning from incarceration. We believe that a strong democracy for all makes a better Florida for everyone.