USA Today: Frustrations boil over in Miami following Hurricane Irma

Alan Gomez of USA Today files a report from Tuesday’s Miami-Dade County budget meetings. writing how local residents are growing increasingly frustrated that “government and power officials haven’t yet gotten the region completely up and running.”  “In the days after the storm, families went hungry, elders suffered from the heat, people with… Continue Reading

Community to County Commisioners: Post-Irma Response Was Not Good Enough

For almost two hours, speaker after speaker told the assembled group of elected officials, including County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, that government’s response was unequal and insufficient. In many areas, grassroots groups like New Florida Majority, Dream Defenfers, FLIC and WeCount were the first people that residents saw in their neighborhoods when the power went out. Continue Reading

Little Hait Residents Demand Someone to #TurntheLightsOn

Seniors, low income people, communities of color and other residents affected by Hurricane Irma, volunteers with the Community Emergency Operations Center and Florida grassroots organizations will hold apress conference Friday at 2 p.m. describe current post-Irma conditions and to demand that more be done to restore power, alleviate dangerous heating conditions, provide greater access to fresh food and water and ensure that people are not pushed from their homes and neighborhoods in the wake of recovery efforts. Continue Reading