We are currently hiring for these positions:

South Florida Lead Organizer

Location: Miami, Florida   Employment Type: Full-time

The South Florida Lead Organizer will be responsible for building, coaching and convening NewFM’sbase of grassroots democracy activists and for providing strategic vision & direction for NewFM’s public finance and voter restoration campaigns. The South Florida Lead Organizer will be also responsible for managing neighborhood organizers to help implement NewFM’s democracy/voting rights efforts within NewFM’s neighborhood chapter program.

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North Florida Organizer

Location: Jacksonville, Florida   Employment Type: Full-time

The North Florida Organizer is responsible for implementing plans to engage constituents in NewFM activities, events, trainings and capacity building. Other responsibilities include assisting with the implementation of the FNM organizing model which is centered on the development of grassroots leaders. The North Florida Organizer reports to the North Florida Lead Organizer.

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New Florida Majority is an equal opportunity employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration without discrimination because of sex, marital status, race, age, creed, national origin or the presence of disabilities.  False or misleading statements during an interview and/or on the application form are grounds for terminating the application process or, if discovered after employment, terminating employment. A felony conviction will not necessarily bar an applicant from employment.

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