Jacksonville Organizations Push For Signatures Deadline for Voting Restoration Ballot Initiative Draws Near

On Saturday, November 11th, volunteers canvassed Jacksonville neighborhoods, committed to gathering enough petitions that would give voters next year an opportunity to restore voting rights to the state’s more than 1.6 million felons who have completed their sentences.  Continue Reading

Faith Breakfast Launches Weekend Community Effort To Collect Petitions For Voting Restoration Ballot Measure

The Restoring Hope: Faith Breakfast helps launch a month-long initiative to energize the Jacksonville faith community around the Say Yes to Second Chanves campaign, an effort that seeks to change the state constitution to automatically restore the right to vote to those who have paid their debt to society. Continue Reading

Little Hait Residents Demand Someone to #TurntheLightsOn

Seniors, low income people, communities of color and other residents affected by Hurricane Irma, volunteers with the Community Emergency Operations Center and Florida grassroots organizations will hold apress conference Friday at 2 p.m. describe current post-Irma conditions and to demand that more be done to restore power, alleviate dangerous heating conditions, provide greater access to fresh food and water and ensure that people are not pushed from their homes and neighborhoods in the wake of recovery efforts. Continue Reading