Mercado, NewFM honored by League of Women Voters for Hurricane Irma efforts

The League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County  celebrated Women’s History Month in March by honoring several outstanding women who have had a meaningful impact this year in the county, including New Florida Majority Executive Director Andrea Mercado. 

Mercado, in accepting an award for the organization’s efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irma, thanked staff member and Liberty City activist Valencia Gunder for pushing the each other to do go beyond their comfort zones to ensure that neighborhoods that are under-resourced were not forgotten once again.

“In the communities that we serve — African-American Latino in vulnerable and low-income neighborhoods — people were underwater before even it started to rain,” said Mercado during the the organization’s Fourth Annual Women that Shine event on March 17th. “For families living paycheck to paycheck, they weren’t going to have the resources to prepare to survive and recover.”

Others that were honored by the League was ACLU Florida  Deputy Director Melba V. Pearson, Esq., retiring Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, University of Miami Pediatrics Chair Dr. Judy Schaechter and the women behind  The Women’s Fund’s Pay Equity Campaign.

Added Mercado. “This is truly an award that’s for an extraordinary team who leapt into action and really went above and beyond to organize hundreds of volunteers and serve thousands of resident. Some might say it wasn’t necessarily our job to do so but we decided to leap into action to serve our communities in any way that we could.”