NewFM: Jax Shooting Tragedy Demands Actions – From Leaders & at the Polls

August 26 – The New Florida Majority released the following statement on Sunday’s tragic mass shooting at the Landing in Jacksonville, Fl.

Today’s shooting in Jacksonville – the second this weekend — is just another in a string of senseless tragedies that are happening in our state, with way too much frequency and too often away from the media spotlight. Whether you are talking about Liberty City, Goulds, Parkland, Melbourne, Orlando or now Jacksonville, it’s past time to give victims and their families more than just heartfelt condolences.

They deserve action. And we can start with this Tuesday’s primary elections.

We need leaders who will not just respond to this issue with increased law enforcement and surveillance, but also end stand your ground, create common sense gun control, and invest resources in mental health. Elected officials who know that a deep sense of security does not come at the hands of increasing the power of a police state, but is derived instead from real economic and educational opportunities that provide growth for all and not just a monied few.

We need leaders who are more committed to the safety of children and families and not the NRA and others who profit from the pain of rampant violence and institutional incarceration.

Yes, America’s gun violence problem will not be solved with one election or even one leader. The solutions will be complicated. However, electing the candidates who will ACTUALLY do something about it is part of the solution that we can work on immediately. We will not let this deter us from getting out the vote to put an end to the violence.