Little Haiti Residents Demand Someone to #TurntheLightsOn

Seniors, Volunteers & Grassroots Organizations Demand More Action to Help Communities Still Suffering From  Dangerous Heat & Lack of Food After Irma

Community Asks #WhereIsFEMA? & Wants Someone to #TurntheLightsOn

Miami – Seniors, low income people, communities of color and other residents affected by Hurricane Irma, volunteers with the Community Emergency Operations Center and Florida grassroots organizations including FANM, the New Florida Majority (NewFM), Dream Defenders, Make the Homeless Smile and Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) gathered on Friday, September 15 to tell assembled media about current conditions in vulunerable communities post Hurricane Irma.

Speaking in front of Buena Vista Apartments complex in Little Haiti (5601 NW 1st Ave, Miami, FL), they demanded that more be done to restore power, alleviate dangerous heating conditions, provide greater access to fresh food and water and ensure that people are not pushed from their homes and neighborhoods in the wake of recovery effort.

The coalition of workers, volunteers and organizations want relief efforts to hasten, improve and provide protections for all of Florida’s residents.

Through conversations with communities, grassroots groups have identified needs and demands of the county’s most affected victims. With many are still without power, clear roads, dependable public transportation to commute to and from work, Miami’s poor are at a standstill while many more affluent communities are almost, if not totally, back to normal.

The coalition of community based  racial, economic and climate justice organizations has launched a fund to make sure relief gets to low income communities of color and as of Friday had provided emergency relief to nearly 10,000  families across Miami Dade County and throughout the state of Florida.


Over 10,000 people statewide have been fed and provided emergency relief at community barbeques and other events organized through Community Emergency Operation Centers that have been funded by the Irma Community Recovery Fund.

Managed by the Miami Foundation, the fund is a collaboration between more than a dozen grassroots organizing groups in Florida that looks to support the wellbeing and recovery of vulnerable communities. The money donated to the Irma Community Recovery Fund will go to ensure that community-based organizations get the support that they need to carry out crucial Hurricane Irma relief and recovery work. Participating organizations include New Florida Majority, Dream Defenders, Organize Florida, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Central Florida Jobs with Justice, Faith in Florida and SEIU. A full list of organizations can be found here.