As Hurricane Michael makes landfall in North Florida, the New Florida Majority is joining  the ACLU and other voting rights group calling on the state to extend voter registration deadlines until after the storm is over.

“Hurricane Michael could prevent countless voters, regardless of political affiliation, from registering to vote,” said Moné Holder, senior program director, New Florida Majority. “This act of nature, coupled with documented voter registration website malfunctions is a double blow to our communities. Voting is a fundamental right and we must ensure that Floridians have an unfettered opportunity to participate in the electoral process.”

New Florida Majority has been a tireless advocate for voter access since its inception, consistantly urging the state to take weather emergencies into account before voter registration deadlines. In 2016, it was part of a successful lawsuit that extended voter registration deadlines in the wake of Hurricane Mathew, enabling more than 108,000 residents to register to vote.

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