Fotos: Nine Days After Hurricane Irma…

Nine days ago, Irma touched down in Florida, causing devastation across the state. Because NewFM focuses on building power in historically marginalized communities, we’ve seen first hand how low-income communities and communities of color are left out of emergency response efforts after deadly storms. Although NewFM has helped to provide emergency relief to over 20,000 people across the state, we are filling a gap that should not have to be filled. Our local and state government preparedness plans and response efforts have been inadequate.

Today,Wednesday September 19,  over 50,000 Floridians are still without power, food and water and many don’t know how they will financially recover. Some communities are still laden with fallen trees, debris and dangerous live wires, while others are facing irreparably damaged homes and property after immense flooding. South Beach and Wynwood seem to be back to normal but some communities of color and low-income communities feel ignored as they continue to live in life-threatening conditions. Check out a few photos and the video below.

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Dangerous fallen live wires remain in some South Florida communities.
Fallen trees destroyed property and homes.
Fallen trees and debris remaining in South Florida neighborhoods 8 days after the storm.