A Femme Agenda, By Us and For Us

Femme Agenda, South Florida’s first Women & Femme Economic Congress, will convene here in Miami at Florida Memorial University on October 1st.

NewFM is proud to partner with the Miami Workers Center in their mission to bring women and femme-identified South Floridians from all ethnicities, sectors, races, generations and causes together to set an economic agenda for women, demand policies and politics that protect women, and educate and mobilize women to get out and vote in November.

Black Lives Matter co-founder, Alicia Garza will join Femme Agenda as a keynote speaker and the conference will also host workshops to engage attendees on various issues throughout the day. With topics such as affordable housing, sex trafficking, immigration, safe sex, reproductive health and equal pay, Femme Agenda hopes to educate attendees on these critical issues and create the solutions we expect to see from Florida’s elected leaders.

We are calling all community members to join us on Saturday, October 1st as we discuss how poverty and lack of economic empowerment effect our everyday lives. Together we will set an agenda that identifies the issues that we care about. By us, and for us!

“What impacts one, impacts all. What sets you free also liberates me. What binds you, also binds me.” – Lutzo Segu, Gender Justice Organizer, Miami Workers Center


RSVP for free here: femmeagenda.org