NewFM Kicks off ‘Movement Mondays’ Social Gatherings

New Florida Majority kicked off its Movement Mondays social gathering last month at Wynwood Yard, hoping to provide a well-needed space for relaxation and fun, especially among those who work in social justice organizations and other service-oriented non-profits.

April’s gathering is scheduled to happen April 16 at 7 p.m. in Broward at The Brass Tap  in Pembroke Pines. 

“We decided to start off Movement Mondays to provide an opportunity for folks who work very hard together in the movement to just kick back and enjoy each other’s company,” said Development Director Danielle Goodman. “To do something with no other purpose than fun – just for a change.”

“When we get together we’re usually at an action or an organization meeting, with an agenda, and we thought, our hardworking folks could do with a regular space to relax,” said NewFM Political Director Dwight Bullard.

The monthly gatherings are expected to take place in different parts of South Florida, to reflect the different communities that people come from and work in.

“We thought, let’s not get stuck in one place. We work all over, so let’s make this a revolving venue, and gather colleagues, allies and friends in a different area each month. Keep it fresh,” added Danielle.

Join the next Movement Mondays at the Brass Tap Beer Bar in Pembroke Pines from 6 to 9 pm on Monday April 16.