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Coral Springs Officers Caught On Tape Beating Teen Should Be Fired

“There is no context where the officers’ reprehensible conduct is appropriate.”

New Florida Majority (NewFM) issued the following statement in response to the October 19th police-involved assault of a 14-year-old girl in Coral Springs:

A white Coral Springs police officer was caught on video repeatedly punching a 14-year-old black girl while she lay helplessly pinned to the ground by a second officer. The Coral Springs Police Department stood behind the officers’ actions and called them “100 percent within policy, legal and not excessive,” while inferring that the officers’ assault of the teenager was warranted because of her behavior prior to the start of the video.

“There is no context where the officers’ reprehensible conduct is appropriate,” said Dwight Bullard, NewFM Political Director. “Their behavior calls into question the level of training offered by CSPD where protocol involves brutally beating a teenage girl instead of deescalating the situation.”

In the same week of the teen’s assault by Coral Springs police, three former South Florida police officers were sentenced to prison for conspiring to falsely arrest people to improve the department’s crime statistics. Records obtained by a Miami news outlet indicate that the officers were pressured to target black people. The Coral Springs incident is a yet another sad example of the disproportionate targeting of black and brown people by police officers.

“These officers must be fired immediately. CSPD policies and procedures must be investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to ensure that its officers have the proper training to interact with the communities they took an oath to protect.” said Bullard.