Corcoran’s Proposal Out of Step with Miami-Dade Voters

Proposal to end state’s public financing of statewide elections
flies in the face of recent voter activism on the issue.  

Aug 25 – New Florida Majority Executive Director Andrea Mercado released the following statement on  House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s recent proposal to the state’s Constitutional Revision to end Florida’s system of partial public financing of statewide elections.

“Floridians believe that democracy works best when everyone has a chance to participate and when the excessive influence of money and special interests don’t dominate the process.  So it’s sad to see House Speaker Richard Corcoran so out of step with voters on the issue of public campaign finance reform, especially those in Miami-Dade County.

A year ago, Miami Dade County residents made it very clear how they feel about current state of money and politics. More than 125,000 – nearly three times the necessary number – signed petitions to put a measure on the ballot that would bring great balance to our political system by doing two important things. First, limit campaign contributions from deep pocketed developers and other wealthy special interests. Second, usher a robust public matching system that would provide an opportunity for community residents who are passionate about change and may not have a lot of money to run for office.

Currently local elected officials are still trying to figure out what’s the best way to get that done on the city and county level, but there is no doubt that residents believe that public service should no be limited to those who have a large checkbook or golden rolodex. Speaker Corcoran’s bill would short-circuit that process, taking away the power of communities to decide how to fairly field candidates for elections.

Who really thinks we are better off by limiting the marketplace of policy ideas and solutions only to those who can pay the price of admission.”