Demanding Justice for Charles Kinsey

On July 18, 2016, Charles Kinsey, a behavioral therapist was shot by North Miami Police Officer Jonathan Alleda while lying on the ground with his hands up after venturing into the nearby road to assist his autistic patient. According to a study by the Washington Post, 619 people have been shot and killed by police in 2016. The only difference between them and Charles Kinsey is that he lived to tell the story.

We will raise our voices; we will stand together and demand justice. For those who are alive to tell the story and those who aren’t. For those whose last living, breathing moments have been played in loops on every major news network. For those whose bleeding bodies were plastered across the front page of magazines and those whose last short and panicked breath was captured on camera. We rally for those whose cries we’ve heard through hashtags on social media and those whose names go unknown. For every child being raised without a mother or father because of a God complex embroiled justice system, enthralled by the power to take life without consequence.

On Wednesday night, NewFM and many local partners joined forces to rally at the North Miami commission meeting. We came with 54,000 petitions in hand and two goals in mind — fire and charge Officer Jonathan Alleda. At some point, there must be a price to pay for life to matter. We will raise our voices; we will stand together and demand justice.

Justice for #CharlesKinsey!