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#DeSantisFailedFlorida Trends on Twitter, Trump Ally Under Fire as President’s Poll Numbers Tank

The governor has repeatedly declined to take responsibility for the sharp rise in infection rates by leaning on racism to deflect blame towards migrant workers in the state.

Earlier this evening, the hashtag #DeSantisFailedFlorida began trending on Twitter. President Trump’s ally in Florida—a must-win 2020 swing state for the president—has failed miserably to do his job and navigate Florida through the coronavirus crisis.

The governor has repeatedly declined to take responsibility for the sharp rise in infection rates by leaning on racism to deflect blame towards migrant workers in the state. Nueva mayoría de la Florida has called on the governor repeatedly to do his job, yet he continues to fail Floridians each and every day. 

Despite the dramatic increase in coronavirus contractions in the Sunshine State, the governor has insisted the state go forward with it’s ill-conceived, hastily prepared and ultimately dangerous plans to lift the few public health restrictions that were put in place to begin with. His carelessness will only prolong the crisis and make economic recovery even more difficult. 

“Ron DeSantis has failed Florida, plain and simple,” said Andrea Mercado, the Executive Director of New Florida Majority. “He’s failed Florida, he’s failed Floridians, he has repeatedly shown that his true allegiance is to wealthy corporations and business interests through his consistently callous approach to governing during this crisis. We’re STILL waiting on countless unemployment checks that hundreds of thousands of Floridians are relying on to make ends meet and keep their families safe. We deserve better.” 

The social media trend comes as DeSantis’ most notable political ally—President Trump—continues his nosedive in the national polls over his own handling of the coronavirus nationally and his failure to address the persistent problem of systemic racism in the United States. Polling in Florida has also consistently shown the president trailing his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

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