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Florida Primary: NewFM Launches Massive Voter Outreach to Support Elizabeth Warren

One month ahead of the Florida Primary, NewFM will set to reach 600,000 Latinx, Black, Haitian, young voters and women of color in Florida, to talk to them about Elizabeth Warren and her plans

Miami, Florida – One month ahead of the Florida Primary, the New Florida Majority (NewFM) is launching a massive effort to reach approximately 600,000 Latinx, Black, Haitian, young voters and women of color in South Florida and North Florida, to make sure they know about Elizabeth Warren and her proposals, and urging them to vote in the Florida primaries on March 17th. Back in November, over 100 member delegates voted to endorse Elizabeth Warren. 

The organization’s efforts will cover Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Duval counties, where the majority of their base is located. Thanks to the support of community organizers and volunteers, the goal is to knock on over 17,000 doors, call or text 60,000 voters and reach up to 500,000 voters through targeted radio and digital ads.

“It’s too soon to call out frontrunners when Iowa and New Hampshire are only 2 percent of the delegates and a vast majority of people of color have not voted yet,” says Dwight Bullard, Director Político de la Nueva Mayoría de la Florida. “We know first hand that every vote counts in Florida and our communities deserve to know there’s a candidate like Elizabeth Warren who stands for what we want and need, including access to affordable healthcare and homes, ending student debt, keeping immigrant families together, putting people first, -and fighting greedy corporations, and holding abusive police accountable. We are ready to mobilize a majority for Warren.”

In 2018, New Florida Majority:

“Candidates come and go, but our communities and our needs don’t. Every single time we knock on a door or we have a phone conversation with a voter, we win. Not only because we are talking to voters who have been neglected for so long, but also because we are engaging them with us, and that pays off in the long run,” says Melanie McRae, Electoral Field Director for the New Florida Majority. “Even if Elizabeth Warren is not the final nominee, we will know that hundreds of thousands of people share our values and what we want from a presidential candidate, and we will be able to reach back to them for the general election in November.”  

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