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In Spite of Global Pandemic, Florida showed the energy we need to defeat Trumpism in November

The presidential primary election in Florida is giving us hope.

The presidential primary election in Florida is giving us hope. 

Despite fear of the Coronavirus, there were record numbers of voters in the Democratic Presidential Primary compared to 2016, showing that Floridians are ready to defeat Trump, racism and hate. 

These results show that our work getting people engaged in this election and urging them to vote is worth it. 

In the last month, we galvanized two hundred volunteers and community members, and together we:

We are extremely proud of the work that our organizers, members and volunteers did to make sure that people had the information they needed and to participate in this vital election.  

Our work is not over. We know there is so much work to be done to engage, persuade and mobilize voters, and to protect and expand our democracy. 

We know that thousands of people couldn’t vote on Election Day due to the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s why we filed a lawsuit with partner organizations, the Dream Defenders, Organize Florida, Latino Justice PRLDEF, Demos and Advancement Project, asking the state of Florida to extend vote-by-mail until March 27th, so more Floridians have the right to send their ballot if they couldn’t vote on Election Day. Even though a Judge denied the temporary restraining order to expand vote by mail on Tuesday, the case is not over, we know voters on Election Day who were forced to stay home and were denied their right to vote. We will continue to organize to protect our communities, and demand bold policy that meets the moment. 

We have critical elections this year. If we keep up our fight and energy, we will be able to reclaim democracy, defeat Trumpism and elect new leaders at all levels of government that will put people first, especially in moments like these when our health and well-being are in danger. It’s still on us to build movements powerful enough to achieve racial and economic justice.

Done a la nueva mayoría de Florida

En los últimos años, nuestros partidarios nos han ayudado a enfrentarnos al establecimiento político y reclamar nuestra democracia: expandir el registro de votantes tras el huracán Matthew, aumentar los salarios de los trabajadores de Miami, registrar decenas de miles de nuevos votantes en negro y comunidades marrones, y cambiando el equilibrio de poder en el estado del sol para siempre.

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