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New Florida Majority Surveys Over 20,000 Floridians About COVID-19

Hundreds of Floridians Directly Impacted by COVID-19 Joined Virtual Statewide Assembly

Hundreds of Floridians Directly Impacted by COVID-19 Joined Virtual Statewide Assembly

Miami, Florida — New Florida Majority (NewFM) hosted a statewide virtual people’s assembly “Surviving the Rona”, on Thursday, April 30, 2020. During the assembly, the organization released the results of its COVID-19 survey after calling more than 300,000 Floridians and surveying over 20,000 people about the real impact that COVID-19 has had on Florida’s working families.

The event, which streamed live on New Florida Majority’s Facebook page, also featured community members who shared their stories about how every day Floridians are suffering at the hands of poor leadership and poverty, and how they are surviving in the midst of the outbreak. In addition to speaking on their hardship during the pandemic, some participants were Floridians who have lost employment, are struggling to keep their homes, and are asking for incarcerated and detained Floridians to be released.
“The coronavirus has affected our lives in so many ways beyond our health. Many have lost their jobs, their homes, and even their capacity to buy food. But there’s another pandemic threatening our state— Governor Ron DeSantis,” said New Florida Majority Organizing Director Serena Perez. “Not only did ‘the Ron’ ignore the calls to close the state early on, but he also failed to fix the unemployment crisis that left millions of families without money to buy food or pay rent. Now he wants to put us all at risk again by reopening the state too early.”
During the assembly, NewFM shared the website where Floridians can find a map of resources and can demand that Governor Ron DeSantis take action to address the needs of millions of Floridians to avoid an even deeper crisis. Together with partner organizations, NewFM is demanding immediate action from elected officials to fix the broken unemployment system and provide relief to Florida workers, cancel rent and mortgage, FastTrack PPE for healthcare workers, and house the homeless.  Note: For crosstabs or more specific data, contact  

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