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New Florida Majority Endorses Three More Progressive Leaders Ahead of 2020 Primary Elections

New Florida Majority Endorses Three More Progressive Leaders Ahead of 2020 Primary Elections

Today, New Florida Majority (NewFM), a 501(c)(4) racial justice organization dedicated to expanding democracy and restoring justice, enthusiastically announced support of a group of three progressive candidates running for office in Florida. NewFM Executive Director Andrea Mercado issued the following statement regarding the endorsements: 

“Our members and Board of Directors are proud to announce that New Florida Majority is endorsing an additional three champions who put people first and are committed to advancing democracy and racial equity in Florida. Local elections are important because these individuals affect many aspects of our day-to-day lives and can implement the immediate change that we need in our community. Our endorsed candidates reflect NewFM’s core values to move the Sunshine State onto the path of equity and justice for all people, and not just a small band of well-connected elites.”

NewFM’s newly endorsed candidates are:

Melba Pearson (Miami-Dade County State Attorney)

Marisol Zenteno (Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser)

Nicole Hamm (Jacksonville City Council District 4)

”COVID-19 has unearthed the need for transformative reform in our Criminal Justice System and the need for greater governmental accountability. The current Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle has shown little regard for the need to hold police accountable for their treatment of community or protestors seeking structural change. During her time at ACLU of Florida and throughout her campaign, Melba Pearson has responded to the community. As the county struggles with how to bounce back from the coronavirus, we need elected officials willing to put people first, and Marisol Zenteno will bring that to the Property Appraiser’s office. These candidates can move Miami-Dade County forward,” saidNewFM Political Director Dwight Bullard.

“We are proud to announce our endorsement of Nicole Hamm for Jacksonville City Council District 4. As a native of Jacksonville, she understands the immediate needs of Black and Brown communities, and she’s dedicated to ensuring their voices and needs are met. Now more than ever, our communities need fearless leaders who will demand racial equity, work to strengthen our community, and enact laws that allow residents to lead lives of dignity. We believe Nicole will serve our communities well and fearlessly fight for our people,” said NuevoFM Senior Program Director of Policy, Advocacy & Research Mone Holder.

These new endorsements are in addition to affirming twelve previously endorsed candidates includingShevrin Jones (SD 35), Angie Nixon (HD 14), Jasmen Rogers-Shaw (HD 95), Daniella Levine Cava(Miami-Dade County Mayor), Kelli Ann Thomas (Miami-Dade County Community Council 14: Sub Area 144), Joe Kimok (Broward County State Attorney), Tracie Davis (HD 13), Cindy Polo (HD 103), Dotie Joseph (HD 108), Jose javier rodriguez (SD 37), Eileen Higgins (Miami-Dade County Commission District 5), and Nancy Metayer (Coral Springs Commission Seat 3).

Las fechas importantes clave en el próximo ciclo electoral incluyen: 

Primary Election Early Voting: August 3–16

Primary Election Day: August 18

General Election Early Voting: October 24–31

General Election Day: November 3


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En los últimos años, nuestros partidarios nos han ayudado a enfrentarnos al establecimiento político y reclamar nuestra democracia: expandir el registro de votantes tras el huracán Matthew, aumentar los salarios de los trabajadores de Miami, registrar decenas de miles de nuevos votantes en negro y comunidades marrones, y cambiando el equilibrio de poder en el estado del sol para siempre.

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