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Safe Homes for the Homeless

COVID-19 exposed the City of Fort Lauderdale once again as callous and heartless against the homeless population. Back on April 7th, while the pandemic was raging and people were being asked to shelter in place, the city pretended to close the homeless camps against CDC guidelines, putting the lives of the homeless and everyone else’s at risk

New Florida Majority’s Broward People’s Assembly—members of the Florida Housing Justice Coalition and local partners, mobilized to ensure that the City provided temporary housing in hotels to the homeless. The city placed them in hotels for 60 days with the promise of finding a better long-term solution.

In the midst of the worst of the pandemic, the city has evicted the people they placed in the hotels, sending them to shelters where infections have occurred, or back to the streets.  By doing so they are failing on their own promise to find them more permanent and safe alternatives.

When the city’s leadership fails we step in!

Make The Call: Click Here for Details

Call Mayor Trantalis & Mayor Holness

to DEMAND they protect our most vulnerable people during the Covid-19 Crisis!

954-828-5314 Mayor Trantalis Office

954-357-7009 for Mayor Holness Office


Script – General 

Hello I am calling in to stand in solidarity with the 38 residents staying at the Rodeway Inn. Here are my demands : 

  1. Provide placement in permanent housing that was promised after the temporary hotel placement was over 
  2. Ensure residents placed in shelters receive long term housing as soon as possible to minimize their exposure to possible COVID cases
  3. Use funds from the CARES Act to find a permanent solution 

Note: You are not obligated to give your name or address if you do not wish to. Also if they try to use a person’s past to justify this inhumane treatment — tell them to stop immediately and that you will not entertain the “model” citizen narrative!

New Florida Majority and allies partnered to ensure 38 individuals could remain safely sheltered by keeping them in the hotels. But we need your help! With a small donation you can help ensure we continue to house homeless individuals. We need to raise $67,000 to keep them in their rooms for another two months.

But, while we do as we must to keep our homeless sisters and brothers safe, we also demand that the city and county do their jobs.

Please call or email the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Mayor and the Broward’s Mayor office to demand that they use CARES funds to keep the homeless population safe and housed.

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