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Comité de Aumento del Nivel del Mar Lista de Demandas

• Queremos una voz real para los líderes de la comunidad y las organizaciones basadas en la comunidad en el Comité de Aumento del Nivel del Mar de la Ciudad de Miami; no más servicios de "impacto en la comunidad" por parte de personas que no conocen nuestras necesidades y que no pueden hablar por nosotros; • Queremos un asiento en la mesa cuando la Ciudad tome las decisiones difíciles ...

• We want a real voice for community leaders and community-based organizations on the City of Miami Sea Level Rise Committee; no more lip-service to “community impact” by people who don’t know our needs and who cannot speak for us;

• We want a seat at the table when the City makes the hard choices regarding our economic future, our health, our neighborhoods, and our homes—now and over the long term; we must ensure that resources are distributed fairly and that our neighborhoods are prioritized in all aspects of the City’s resiliency planning;

• We want the City to fully consider the well-being and livelihoods of low-income families and low-income home owners as it explores and develops a response to the changing insurance and mortgage markets and the severe effects that changes in these markets pose to members of our communities;

• We want the City to adopt land use policies to prevent sea-level gentrification of high elevation properties in the urban core and greater coordination with Community Land Trusts and other programs designed to assist residents to become ownership stakeholders;

• We want jobs for members of our communities as the city begins the massive overhaul of our basic infrastructure for which massive amounts of money will be spent; we want to play a central role in building the workforce required to build our new resilient city;

• We want the City to establish fully-equipped emergency management centers within trusted organizations and institutions in our neighborhoods, and we want to know that they are fully equipped with all necessary provisions and ready in the event of a hurricane; we want confirmation that all the hospitals, grocery stores and gas stations in our neighborhoods are fully equipped and prepared in the event of a natural disaster;

• We want all the residents in our neighborhoods who want it to be able to receive first responder (CERT) training so we have teams ready in the event of a hurricane and so these trainings can provide job skills opportunities as a gateway for entry into the paramedical and other related fields;