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The New Florida Majority Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President

Group that reached 1.5 million Florida voters in 2018 will mobilize for Warren’s big structural change in Democratic Primary

Group that reached 1.5 million Florida voters in 2018 will mobilize for Warren’s big structural change in Democratic Primary

The moment our Directors Andrea Mercado and Dwight Bullard announced our endorsed candidate: Elizabeth Warren! We are proud to be joining #TeamWarren

publicado por La nueva mayoría de la Florida on Sunday, November 24, 2019

West Palm Beach, FL – Members of the New Florida Majority enthusiastically endorsed Elizabeth Warren for President through a democratic process of ranked choice voting on the second day of the organization’s Statewide People’s Assembly in West Palm Beach, FL. Elizabeth Warren was elected after winning both rounds of rank choice voting, followed very closely by Bernie Sanders.

“We are proud to announce that the New Florida Majority is endorsing Senator Elizabeth Warren as our presidential candidate for 2020,” says Dwight Bullard, Director Político de la Nueva Mayoría de la Florida. “Senator Warren’s meticulous focus on centering the most vulnerable constituencies really resonated with our members. She has shown a commitment to work and plan for a brighter tomorrow.”

In 2018, New Florida Majority:

The endorsement for Warren will focus New Florida Majority’s resources and capacity to mobilize its base of supporters and reach out to key voting blocs including Latinxs, Black voters, young voters, and women, in the key swing state.

“The stakes are too high for millions of Floridians in 2020. We’re prepared to support whoever the candidate is to defeat Trump and his agenda of inequality and division and our members endorse Elizabeth Warren as the best candidate for the job. We are ready to mobilize our communities in support of Elizabeth Warren and ensure her plans for big structural change become a reality that improves our lives and our communities,” says Andrea Mercado, Directora Ejecutiva de la Nueva Mayoría de la Florida. “In 2018, a candidate who ran for everyone ever told they didn’t belong saw a historic surge in democratic voters. In 2020, we’re going to continue to build power and turn around the state and the country.”

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En los últimos años, nuestros partidarios nos han ayudado a enfrentarnos al establecimiento político y reclamar nuestra democracia: expandir el registro de votantes tras el huracán Matthew, aumentar los salarios de los trabajadores de Miami, registrar decenas de miles de nuevos votantes en negro y comunidades marrones, y cambiando el equilibrio de poder en el estado del sol para siempre.

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