Five Things to Tell Miami Commisioners About the Miami Forever Bond

by Nancy Metayer
NewFM Climate Organizer

This Thursday, July 27, the City of Miami Commissioners will vote on whether or not to put Mayor Tomas Regalado’s proposed Miami Forever Bond on the ballot this November. A significant majority of the proposed $275 million bond would go to providing drainage and flood mitigation infrastructure investments, as well funding for resillency planning for vulnerrable low-income communities. It would also create local, living wage jobs, addressing another critical need in our City.


While only a simple majority is needed to add the measure to the ballot, concerned residetns need to show their public support for the measure to convince an overwhelming majority of the City Commission that this kind of visionary climate leadership is required of all of our elected officials. Many will look to attend the Commsiion meeting at 9 a.m. at City Hall (3500 Pan American Drive Miami, FL 33133), but for those who can’t physically go, a call to your local Commsioner can go a long way to supporting those who plan to show up.


Here is a list of the Miami City Commsioners who will vote Thursday. 

DISTRICT 1: Wilfredo Gort 305-250-5430

DISTRICT 2: Ken Ressell 305-250-5333

DISTRICT 3: Frank Carollo 305-250-5380

DISTRICT 4: Francis Suarez 305-250-5420

DISTRICT 5: (Chairperson) Keon Hardemon 305-250-5390

If you can’t call, here is their office’s email and social media information: 

DISTRICT 1: Wilfredo Gort: Email |Twitter | Facebook
DISTRICT 2: Ken Ressell: EmailTwitter | Facebook
DISTRICT 3: Frank Carollo:  Email | Twitter | Facebook
DISTRICT 4: Francis Suarez: Email | Twitter | Facebook/u>
DISTRICT 5: Keon Hardemon: >Email
| Twitter | Facebook


Don’t know who your local city commisioner is? Click here to find out. 


There are a number of reasons that you can mention as to why you strongly support this important measure. Here are five to start with: 


  1. Your vote will send a strong message to residents, investors and the media that our City is serious about investing in its futureThe projects funded under this Bond will be in response to the priorities identified in the updated Stormwater Master Plan with approval from the Bond Oversight Committee.
  2. It is more cost effective to issue this bond now. The City has the highest bond rating it has had in 30 years.  We cannot guarantee this will last.  WE can currently finance this bond without increasing taxes.  If we wait a year, it will be more costly to finance the same $275 million. We will then be asking the voters to approve a bond that includes a tax increase.  This would be much harder to pass.
  3. A secured funding source for these projects will allow the City to pursue public and private matching support for their implementation 
  4. The Bond investments will create local, living wage jobs, addressing another critical need in our City. 
  5. We should let the voters decide whether or not these investments are important and if they want to take advantage of financing a bond when it will not result in an increase in taxes.