Marissa Alexander round-up

January 8th, 2014 —

UPDATE: Judge rules Marissa Alexander can remain on bond — for more details, follow us on Twitter.

After spending 21 months in jail for firing a warning shot in the direction of her estranged abusive husband, Alexander, 33, is back in hot water for a violation of her bond, according to prosecutors. Alexander‘s attorneys insist that she did nothing to go against regulations. Corey, who some say botched the prosecution of George Zimmerman, filed a motion to revoke Alexander’s bond for such infractions as shopping for clothes, driving family members to the hair salon and airport, visiting the bank, and obtaining a new driver’s license. According to court documents filed by Assistant State Attorney Richard Mantei, Alexander “continues to demonstrate her utter disregard for conforming her behavior to the rules of others (including other defendants granted bond by the courts) must abide by.”

Circuit Judge James Daniel has set a hearing for Friday to consider whether Alexander’s bond will be revoked. A new trial for Alexander’s case, in which it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt that Alexander was battered by her husband, Rico Gray, after he accused her of infidelity, has been scheduled for March 31.

Although the Florida legal system has not favored Alexander since her bond was revoked in February 2011 for visiting Gray against judge’s orders, Florida New Majority has her back. The statewide voter participation organization works to empower women, African-Americans among other minority groups. Angie Nixon, north team lead organizer for the organization, issued a statement saying that Corey’s vendetta against Alexander is “sending the wrong message to victims of domestic violence.” Aside from the pending revocation of Alexander’s bond, she is charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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