Florida Voters Plan Silent Protest at Swearing in of Florida Legislature

November 20, 2012 –

A group of voters who experienced long lines and other avoidable difficulties in voting during the November election will gather in the fourth floor rotunda of the Florida State Capitol building Tuesday morning, as legislators arrive to be sworn in and attend organizational meetings.

About a dozen voters, identified by Florida New Majority, Florida Immigrant Coalition and other partners urging reforms to voting in Florida, will stand in the gallery with placards indicating how long they waited in line to vote. The mute appeal underscores the value of the vote as the only voice most people have in the democratic process.

“We just want the legislators to recognize that we are upset about the disaster we all experienced,” said Angie Nixon, a community organizer with Florida New Majority. “We’re asking them not to forget about the voters when they are passing laws. They need to fix this.”