Florida Voting Rights Group Demands State Count Every Vote, Prepares to Defend a Florida for All of Us

Miami, FL

In response to reports of Florida’s tabulated machine recount in the Senate, Agricultural Commissioner, and Governor’s race that excludes results from both Palm Beach and Broward County and occurs while vote-by-mail and other ballots continue to be reconciled, the New Florida Majority issues the following:

Let us be clear. This is not over.  It is wrong to call an election before every vote is counted. That’s what happened last Tuesday and that’s what’s happening tonight. 

We will fight for every vote to be counted and for a state where all of us can thrive. They are saying Palm Beach and Broward numbers don’t count because of a matter of seconds. This process is so unbelievable, it couldn’t pass as fiction. But what’s very real is the lengths white supremacy will go to in order to maintain its grip on power. 

We’re going to fight for every Floridians’ vote to count because that’s what it means to live in a democracy. And we’re prepared to continue to fight for a Florida for all of us after the election is over. There’s too much at stake for us to leave this to any one candidate. On the 20th of November we’ll be rallying for a Florida for all of us and we’ll be prepared to hold every officeholder to account to make this a state where all of us can thrive.

Andrea Cristina Mercado, Executive Director.

Since Rick Scott took office, we’ve seen him chip away at the building blocks of democracy in our state.  But refusing to count every vote should sound a new alarm for every single person watching this election. Our communities deserve better. We deserve to have our votes counted and we deserve leadership that will work to represent a diversity of voices in the state not to suppress and silence them. We do not concede to bigotry. We do not concede to division. And we do not concede to a recount that isn’t counting every vote.

Sen. Dwight Bullard, political director.

New Florida Majority and partner organizations are rallying around the state on November 20th, the day election results are slated to be certified and the new state legislature will be sworn in.  Those events can be found at counteveryvote.info