FNM Members Participate in Sit-In at Rubio’s Office

Jun 06, 2013


More than three dozen advocates call on Florida’s junior senator not to abandon immigration reform bill he co-authored

Miami, Fl-¬†Forty students and advocates, including members of Florida New Majority, briefly occupied the Miami offices of Senator Marco Rubio, calling on him to reject the efforts of elected officials like Sen. John Cornyn’s to derail comprehensive immigration reform.

“I am here to urge Marco Rubio to listen to the people who are suffering,” said Florida New Majority Freedom Club captain Lilianne Seraphin. “My son cannot drive, cannot work and cannot go to college. I cannot get a job or run a business. Because I am not regularly working, it’s hard to even find a place to live. That why I need — we all need — immigration reform.”

Many believe that Sen. John Cornyn’s “poison pill” amendment would set up a series of unreachable triggers on border security that would delay the legalization of a majority of the 11 million undocumented residents currently living in the U.S.

The group, which was asked to leave by police, but granted an afternoon meeting with a staffer, ultimately want the junior Senator from Florida to stick by the bipartisan bill that he principally authored and by his own personal family immigration experience. Will he work for the interests of Floridians, who according to polls, overwhelmingly support immigration reform or the extreme elements of his own party.

“Politicians, including Senator Rubio, can’t have it both ways. They can’t want the Latino vote but not want Latino voters’ friends and family to ever get the right to vote themselves.” Said Kathy Bird of Florida New Majority.