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Gillum — and the Voters He Inspired — Make History

NewFM: Expanding voting to college campuses like FIU is a major victory, and will help bring more voices into our political system.

New Florida Vision Reacts to Florida Primary Results:
The Path to Victory in November is in Gillum’s Platform & the Voters He Inspired

In response to the Florida primary results, Andrea Cristina Mercado, director of the NewFM’s state PAC, the New Florida Vision PAC comments, “Tonight we see the remaking of the Florida Democratic Party by Andrew Gillum. Gillum won against all odds and he did it by giving often ignored voters clear transformative solutions that inspired them to get involved. Andrew Gillum excited a new generation of voters entering into Florida’s politics and an entire set of voters who felt they could see themselves and their aspirations in a candidate. Winning in November will require more organizing and more work but the energy has never been higher and we’ve never had a better candidate.”

Former State Senator Dwight Bullard, the political director for New Florida Vision PAC, added, Black voters, other voters of color, and progressives can claim this victory as theirs. Together, we made history. Gillum’s victory shows that we can no longer be ignored or taken for granted. We’re stepping into the process and we’re demanding more. From now to November we will keep the momentum building and turn out to get voting rights back for returning citizens, to elect good people up and down the ballot, and to put an end to the past two decades of Republican attack on our rights, our lives, and the planet.”

New Florida Vision PAC set out to expand the electorate by reaching out to Black and Latino voters categorized as “infrequent” voters and subsequently often ignored by electoral campaigns. The PAC performed doorknocking, phone and text, radio and digital ads, and non-traditional tactics like a Colombian-style Chiva party bus, barbeques, taco tuesdays, karaoke, and murals in the Wynwood and Liberty City neighborhoods to connect with target voters. Within the 150,000 voters targeted by the New Florida Vision PAC, there was a 300% increase in early voting in 2018, not including election day, compared to the 2014 midterm and at least a 20% increase from the Presidential election of 2016.