Homestead Freedom Fighters to Break Their Fast But Not Their Commitment

May 17, 2013



For the past week, concerned leaders have been fasting to stop the deportations that have been besieging communities like Homestead, Florida. Leaders like our very own Danilo Balladares and Serena Perez have joined other members of Florida New Majority, the Miami Workers Center and Power U to bring awareness and attention of this issue.

The stakes in the immigration debate are high for both families and communities. While the debate rages in Congress, thousands continue to live in fear and uncertainty, wondering if and when their loved ones will be targeted with deportation. Entire neighborhoods and towns remain isolated, friends and colleagues living amid a layer of tense public mistrust that is continually fueled by government funding that rewards draconian law enforcement measures and the detention centers of private prison contractors.

While our local courageous sisters and brothers are breaking their fast today, dozens more will continue the effort as the national action moves next to Freehold, New Jersey. It’s all part of a national movement that call on the President to immediately suspend deportations and Congress to pass an immigration bill that’s inclusive of all 11 million undocumented people in the U.S. To remind those in power that what will continue to make America strong lies in the diversity and potential of all of its people.

As Danilo reminds us, “….I fast because in my personal life I deal with another broken system, immigration. My family and community are constantly torn apart by draconian and racist immigration policies. Today, I want to be a part of a fight that stands up for human dignity. No mas ilegales, idle no more.”

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