Join FNM for District 5 run-off blitz, leadership dinner

November 14th, 2013 –

Following their endorsement of District 5 City Commissioner Candidate Keon Hardemon, voter participation organization Florida New Majority will wrap up its campaign by hosting one final run-off blitz on Sunday, November 17th. The event, which aims to solidify a relationship of transparency and accountability between FNM and their endorsed candidate, as well as offer prospective voters an opportunity to engage in conversation with the Candidate, will take place at the Florida New Majority office from 6:00 P.M to 7:45 P.M

Hardemon, born and raised in Liberty City, is a graduate of University of Miami Law School. For the past three years, he has worked as an Assistant Public Defender for the Miami-Dade public defense office, where he has represented residents lacking the means to hire legal counsel, and assisted in the mentoring and rehabilitation of at-risk youths. He is also an active member of the FL Bar Association and the FL Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. As a City Commissioner, Hardemon strives to boldly serve and defend District 5’s best interests.

Last month, Keon Hardemon stood out to Florida New Majority as an emerging leader with a fresh approach to problem-solving. In a debate featuring all City Commissioner Candidates, he eloquently addressed community issues ranging from lack of law enforcement oversight to equal access to opportunity. Public response was favorable, with many attendees praising the candidate for his well-informed and poignant responses.

Throughout their campaign, FNM has knocked on countless doors and talked to hundreds of District 5 registered voters about the importance of participating in the local electoral process. The organization has played an pivotal role in spreading the word about Hardemon, contributing to a sharp increase in his poll ratings. At Sunday’s event, FNM will provide him with a “people’s agenda”, a symbolic document listing District 5 priorities that they hope the candidate will champion once elected to office.

Florida New Majority would like to invite you to participate in this educational event. FNM Executive Director Gihan Perera will join City Commissioner Candidate Keon Hardemon in discussing District 5 challenges, and in hosting a traditional Haitian dinner for all attendees. Admission is free of charge. The Florida New Majority office is located in 8330 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33138