Little Havana Residents Celebrate Early Voting

Residents in Little Havana came out on Thursday, November 2nd to celebrate the democracy, as they attend a Joy of Voting block party in Miami’s Dominoe Park.

The event featured singer Luis David Sierra,  a Colombian singer of salsa and other traditional Latin American music that performs regularly at events in Central and South Florida venues. He is currently performing through a shared residency at various clubs in South Florida, including Melodias in Sunrise.

Music was also provided by DJ Emerson Sierra is a rising Colombian DJ and producer. Sierra’s work focuses on salsa, bachata, merengue, as well as other musical genres such as Cuban-based traditional drumming music. A household in the South Florida Latinx club scene,  he can be regularly seen spinning hits at Congas Night Club & Taberna in Plantation.

The staff at nearby Yisill’s Bakery were happy to see the increased community activity.

“I appeciate the way these community activities help both local businesses and make voting fun for people,” said Mari, who often works behind the bakery’s counter.

Yiselis Bakery in Little Havana welcomed those participating in Thursdays Joy of Voiting event.
Yiselis Bakery in Little Havana welcomed those participating in Thursdays Joy of Voiting event.

Ernesto, the bakery’s owner, can’t vote because he is not a citizen. However, he loved seeing people seeing the excitement that the party genrated around voting and participating in democracy.

“This was great,” said Ernesto. “No matter how you vote, we need more events like this to encourage people to take part in these local elections.”

Edward Villate, a local real estate agent, was overjoyed at seeing so many people come out not just to vote, but also learning more about the candidates and issues that are at stake in the local election.

“I really appreciated the information that was being handed out and the conversations that I had with volunteers,” said Villate. “Life can be so busy at times but efforts like this — events that reaches into the community and lets people know what they might be missing — are really important. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.”