Lobbyists Pop Champagne, We Get Organized

The last update we gave was about Judge Thomas’ resounding court decision to put campaign finance on the November 8th ballot. It was a major victory that never came to fruition.

The Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners appealed the ruling, and a major lobbyist joined in the legal fight. The County was granted an immediate stay on the judgement, effectively putting a hold on Thomas’ ruling. A motion to lift the stay was declined and The County Attorney immediately took the opportunity to order the Supervisor of Elections to print the ballots WITHOUT our ballot initiative included.

Despite this outcome, we are more committed than ever to a long-term, locally-rooted, transformational movement to address democracy, inequality and opportunity.

Last week, we launched RunMIA to continue building a grassroots, local, People-First Democracy in Miami-Dade County.

Together, we have made big money in politics a major issue in Miami-Dade. We collected petitions, we led the protests, educated our communities, and were the plaintiffs on the lawsuit. New Florida Majority honors and recognizes all the organizations, unions, activists and residents that have taken part in this historic effort to make our democracy work for all of us. It’s not over.

We hit the core nerve of big-moneyed special interests. When the county directed the Supervisor of Election to print the ballots without our initiative on it, lobbyists in Miami-Dade were popping champagne. Upsetting the status quo by limiting special interests resulted in an electric response by county commissioners.

We have demonstrated what’s at stake. And we have just begun. The appetite and need for systemic change to our government is clear and overwhelming. However, it needs to be broader, deeper, and more comprehensive.

To continue the momentum, New Florida Majority and partners launched RunMIA, to change not just the financing of Miami-Dade politics, but its people and its process toward authentic participation in our democracy.

Together, we will build a grassroots, local, People-First Democracy in Dade County.

We will change how Miami runs as we change who runs it. And we will do it together.

Support grassroots organizing for democracy. The only thing that makes a difference. Put people before politics.