Looking Back at PowerShift 2016

This weekend, New Florida Majority sponsored 30 community members to join young climate and social justice leaders in Orlando for Power Shift 2016 – South East, three days of workshops, trainings, speakers, and movement-building surrounding climate justice issues.

The conference featured a mini-film festival, a rally calling for economic and climate justice at the largest McDonalds in the U.S. and engaging panel discussions on issues such as racism, reproductive justice, the fight for fair food and eco-feminism. Power Shift also featured a host of keynote speakers ranging from revolutionary organizer and freedom fighter, Elle Hearns to former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis.

During closing day, NewFM organizer Valencia Gunder conducted a workshop to a packed room on community building and climate gentrification. During her workshop, Gunder emphasized the importance of checking your privilege while organizing, building trust and delivering wins. Gunder also spoke on communities becoming self-sustaining, “I want to organize my community so well that they don’t need me to be sustainable.”

Throughout the weekend, we participated in free flowing, honest conversations on the intersectionality of climate justice through a social, racial and economic lens.

NewFM stands against climate injustice through community programs, climate resiliency funding and community education. We’re excited to take the knowledge that we’ve learned throughout the weekend with us in the fight against climate injustice here in Miami.

For more information on Power Shift 2016 – South East visit: http://powershift2016.org/southeast

“If you show up to the commission meeting with 60 people, that scares the mayor. Now he’ll listen. That’s power.” – Valencia Gunder