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Manny Diaz and José Oliva Came For Our Families

Florida Advocates Release Ad Holding Sen. Manny Diaz Jr. and Rep. José Oliva Accountable for Legislative Session

Florida Advocates Release Ad Holding Sen. Manny Diaz Jr. and Rep. José Oliva Accountable for Legislative Session

On May 13th, a coalition of Florida advocacy groups released a full page paid ad on the Miami Herald calling out State Senator Manny Diaz Jr. and State Representativé José Oliva, both from Miami, for several negative bills that they introduced or supported in the legislative session. The ad, paid for by the New Florida Majority, Organize Florida and FANM in Action, exposes the legislators for supporting laws that directly hurt Florida’s families, voters and taxpayers such as arming teachers, taking money away from public schools, guting Amendment 4 and deputizing local Police as immigration agents and separate families. It also asks readers to call on Governor DeSantis as the person responsible to stopping some of these bills before they become law.

Andrea Mercado, Executive Director for New Florida Majority, stated:

“We knew this was coming since DeSantis was elected, he campaigned on an anti-immigrant platform and as a mini Trump. But we are extremely disappointed at Diaz and Oliva, whose votes are a slap in the face of the immigrant communities they are supposed to represent. We want a Florida where everyone can live free of fear from gun violence, free from guns in schools, free from police and highway patrol drafted into Trump’s deportation force, and free to pursue our dreams. Manny and José came for our families and our democracy, even ignoring the will of the people on Amendment 4 voter restoration, and dismantling citizens initiatives, so now we’re coming for them. We will educate South Florida voters on their extreme positions and take this fight directly to the ballot box.”

Stephanie Porta, Executive Director, Organize Florida, stated:

“This session our members went to Tallahassee and stood with women and families. We know that having access to quality and safe affordable housing is a human rights issue that impacts our communities across the state. The state legislature failed to address this crisis facing low-income and working Floridians across the state by not fully funding the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund again; ignoring pro-active housing legislation like the renters bill of rights and repeal of rent control preemption; and now passing HB 7103, an anti-affordable housing legislation, that lines the pockets of developers while limiting local government’s ability to ensure affordable housing for all and limits community input in the process. Our members will hold our elected leaders accountable who chose not to stand with women and families this session.”

Marleine Bastien, Executive Director of FANM In Action, stated:

“We are disappointed with many of our lawmakers in Tallahassee for making poor decisions and passing bad laws that will negatively impact the quality of life of hard working families. We are more disappointed at Diaz and Olivia because they are immigrants themselves. They know quite well that laws allowing teachers to carry guns, to empower police officers to act like Federal agents, or free predatory developers from their responsibility to build affordable housing will not protect families from displacements or make our schools safe, and instead will force immigrants families to live in fear and worsen the housing crisis. They knowingly decide to put politics and  selfish interests over common sense and our state future. Let their actions be a reminder that elections have consequences, let them be the fuel that will ignite our passion to organize throughout the state to register every eligible voter, and ensure that election in our state are open, inclusive and fair. The great people of Florida deserve it, our democracy demands it.”

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