Marissa Alexander free and with family for thanksgiving

November 26th, 2013 —

This time of year we reflect and give thanks for our family and loved ones. We gather around the table with all the trimmings and reminisce about past memories and  begin creating new ones. We at FNM are happy to report that Marissa Alexander will be creating new memories with her family this holiday season, as she was released on bond last night. We would like to thank Judge James Daniel for taking the first step in righting a grave wrong, by allowing Marissa, a victimsurvivor of domestic violence to be reunited with her 3 kids this holiday season.

“This news is vindication for Marissa and all the women who have become criminalized for exercising their basic right to defend themselves and their children,” said Angie Nixon, of Florida New Majority.  “We would also like to thank and acknowledge the tireless work of Sisterhood of Survivors, the Free Marissa Now Campaign, and all the other community groups and members that spoke out and took action in support of justice for Marissa. We will continually support her throughout the trial.”

Especially, in light of the recent arrest of George Zimmerman for domestic violence charges, the movement to address the unequal and backward criminal justice system in Florida will continue to grow.  The perverse application of the Stand Your Ground Law will fall, so that all our children can celebrate holidays with their mothers.

Marissa Alexander, mother of 3, was arrested and sentenced to 20 years of jail time for firing a warning shot in the air while  warding off her abusive husband.  She attempted to invoke Stand Your Ground Immunity and was denied. She is now free on bail, awaiting her new trial.