Miami's Unemployed To Petition Crist

Sep 24, 2010

MIAMI (CBS4) ― A Miami delegation is on its way to Tallahassee to ask Gov. Charlie Crist to reform unemployment compensation.

The group from the Miami Workers Center is expected to rally Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 9:30 a.m. in front of the State Capital at 400 S. Monroe Street to demand better distribution of unemployment compensation.

The Miami Herald reports that according to new federal data unemployment in Miami continues to rise and now is at about 13 percent. August figures show roughly 4,000 people joined the jobless ranks.

While people in South Florida continue to struggle with unemployment and the headaches that brings, the state legislature continues to block efforts to improve unemployment distribution, a situation that has spurred protestors to head to Tallahassee to ask for changes to the system.