#WeDoNotConcede to Hate: Momentum Set Off in the Midterms Will Continue Until We Have a Florida for All

New Florida Majority Calls for State-wide Demonstrations November 20th

In response to Mayor Gillum’s concession during the recount resulting in the Trump-backed DeSantis narrowly gaining the governor’s seat but in an election where Amendment 4 passed to restore voting rights, New Florida Majority issued the following statements along with a call for demonstrations on November 20th, the day of the state legislature’s organizational session and the election results are to be certified.

“In this election, we celebrate the historic victory of Amendment 4 that will restore the vote to 1.4 million Floridians who had been systematically disenfranchised who will forever change the political calculus of the sunshine state,” states Andrea Cristina MercadoExecutive Director of the New Florida Majority. “While Gillum’s defeat is devastating for what it means to have a candidate that ran on hate take the governor’s seat, we will continue to organize to resist hateful policies, register one million new voters, and reach for the best of what we know we can be as a state.”

Senator Dwight Bullard, New Florida Majority’s political director adds, “We do not concede to hate. The problem for Ron DeSantis becoming governor of Florida after running against Andrew Gillum is that at least half the state knows we deserve better. A Presidential endorsement from Trump does not a plan to govern make. The Black and Latino voters who previously did not engage with elections were inspired to get involved this year and we’re not stopping now. Amendment 4 remakes the political map of the state. We’re raising the bar for friends and foes and saying ‘you have to do better.’ You have to do better because we won’t tolerate being a state with one of the largest gaps between rich and poor any more. You have to do better because whether you believe it or not climate change is hitting you in the face. You have to do better because the people of color and progressive coalition that came together in this election have felt our power and seen our possibility and we won’t stop until we have a state that works for all of us.”

The group is calling for a broad mobilizations on November 20th, the day of the organizational session of the state legislature, to come together in a demonstration of unity and to continue to push for criminal justice reform, economic justice, a plan for climate change.

The New Florida Majority is a state-wide community organization dedicated to building the electoral power of Black, Latino and progressive white Floridians to achieve representation from and for our community.