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Mother Jones: Gillum Rallies Supporters to Defend Voting Rights as Contentious Florida Recount Continues

Andrew Gillum’s speech on allegations of voter fraud and the need to count every vote was covered by Mother Jones.

Mother Jones‘s Pema Levy covered Andrew Gillum’s Nov. 11th speech at the New Mount Olive Baptist Church calling for every vote to be counted. 

“Voter disenfranchisement isn’t always in what it is that we do physically at the precinct,” he said. “Sometimes it’s in the mind tricks that they play. Sometimes it’s in the aftermath of an election, where you see rampant attempts to disqualify your vote. Well y’all, I’m here to say that this time is going to be different.”

Gillum’s speech, organized by his campaign and local progressive groups, came just hours after the Scott campaign filed emergency motions in state courts to impound voting machines, tallying devices, and ballots in Broward and Palm Beach counties and put them under the supervision of law enforcement when they are not in use for the recount.