New Florida Majority stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and allies in Minneapolis

While we were outraged and disgusted by the racist shooting of protestors in Minneapolis last week, we were not surprised. Throughout our nation’s history, demands for civil rights have been met with violence from white supremacists who hope to frighten activists into silence and preserve the status quo.

Their tactics will not succeed. New Florida Majority is in solidarity with the protestors in Minneapolis who stand up bravely against racist violence in all its forms, whether from extremist hate groups or the state. The Black Lives Matter movement carries on the work of the Civil Rights era, seeking the balance of a bounced check still owed to those Black Americans denied the freedom and safety promised by our country’s democratic ideals. Growing numbers are taking to the streets to demand an end to police brutality and to indict the system of inequality of which police violence is one part.

But as the extremist attacks in Minneapolis underscored, reactionary forces are also growing more fierce. While white supremacists shot at protestors, the far right of the Republican party stepped up political attacks on Black activists, immigrants, and Muslims. These demagogues fuel a dangerous climate for racist violence and must be held accountable. We join in the struggle against their ideology, from Minneapolis’s Fourth Precinct to the ballot box and beyond, for a vision of racial and economic justice that will not be deferred.