New Survey: New Florida Majority’s Base Leans Towards Warren, Harris and Sanders for the Democratic Nomination

A majority women and people of color ranked candidates and issues in the organization’s first presidential survey

Miami, FL — New Florida Majority, an independent organization dedicated to increasing the political power of marginalized communities in Florida, is releasing its first in-house presidential survey of over 500 members and supporters who ranked the issues they care about and the Democratic candidates.

The survey was open between June 28 and July 12, right after the first Democratic presidential debate, and collected responses from a total of 512 individuals who are part of the organization’s base of supporters statewide. More than half of the community members identified as Black, Latinx or Other Non-White (59%) and a vast majority identified as women (65.3%), which are considered key voting blocs for Democrats.

Topline results:

“Our priority is to lift up the voices and power of marginalized communities and this survey is the first step of many we will take to make sure everyday Floridians get a chance to express the issues they care about and what they think about the candidates,” said Dwight Bullard, Political Director of the New Florida Majority. “The results tell us that women and people of color are ready to elect candidates with a bolder vision of the country. Women candidates continue to overperform among communities of color, especially our Black community.”  

“Our survey shows that the democratic nomination is open game right now. The person who wins support will be the one who provides the most progressive solutions with the clearest connections to our communities,” said Andrea Mercado, Executive Director of the New Florida Majority. “It was refreshing to see that the Latinxs in our base are far more progressive than what many think and actually lean towards candidates with bold platforms.”

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