NewFM Hires New Director of Development

In February, NewFM also announced the hiring of Danielle Goodman as its new Director of Development, where she will oversee the organization’s fundraising efforts and contribute to its strategic development. Danielle loves helping good, big, and beautiful ideas manifest. Formerly, she headed a venture to enable the international diffusion of innovative, small-scale, non-carbon-emitting power plants.

 “I gravitate to a vision that balances the broad context and the precise cause – the big picture and the fine-print footnotes,” says Danielle, whose career path before landing at NewFM encompassed film, theatre, and editorial work, as well as business and non-emitting energy policy work.

Danielle has written for magazines and journals on subjects ranging from architecture to energy regulatory policy. She has also contributed internationally as an advisor, invited expert, technical conference track member, speaker, author, editor and convener. Highly curious and an interdisciplinary thinker, Danielle enjoys pioneering ventures and inspiring people to rally and work on furthering beneficial projects. She also is a natural contemplative who loves people and nature.

“My ideal situation is walking in rural mountains with friends, fleet-footed children, and animals,” she says. Not surprisingly, she lives happily by one of Miami’s many rivers.