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NewFM: Let’s Honor the Faith of Voters & Renew Democracy’s Promise

Last night, voters across the nation and in Miami went to the polls to decide what kind of democracy and society they wanted to help build.

New Florida Majority Executive Director Andrea Mercado released the following statement on national and local Election Night results. 

Last night voters across the nation went to the polls to decide what kind of democracy and society they wanted to help build. They rejected the hate spurred by the Trump Administration and elected diverse leaders dedicated to the belief that fulfilling the promise of America includes providing access to quality healthcare, public education, a living wage and an affordable place to live.

In Miami, more than 13,000 voters approved a $400-million-dollar bond measure that would build affordable housing and help tackle climate change. 

While the monies have been approved, delivery is far from assured. 

Before the vote, proponents of the measure, including now-former Mayor Tomas Regalado, promised concerned community groups that the projects funded by this measure would be done in a way that didn’t exclude communities nor add to further displacement of residents from low-income neighborhoods. We expect policymakers, including the new mayor and city commissioners, to honor that promise. We expect them to make the project selection process transparent and geared toward funding proposals and areas where there is the most need.  And we expect them to do so by ensuring that low income and communities of color have a seat on the board of those that would review the projects.

Time has seen too many promises around equity vanish after Election Day, when the consultants and pollsters go back to their offices and away from voter doors. Let’s put those days in the past. Miamians have provided both the opportunity and the seed money to make this a climate resilient city that we all can afford.

Let us all make that act of faith count.