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NewFM on Doug Jones’ Victory: Local Voter Mobilization Matters

What tonight’s victory reminds us is despite efforts to suppress the vote, people will turn out — if you ask them.

New Florida Majority released the following statement after the Doug Jones’ win in the federal special election to fill the Alabama U.S. Senate seat formerly occupied by current Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“Last night’s results in the Alabama U.S. Senate race is a victory in the battle against sexual harassment, assault, and bigotry. It is also a testament to the power of voter outreach. Record turnout, especially in black metropolitan areas, not only helped turn the election for Doug Jones, but should also provide a model for next year’s gubernatorial and federal Senate contests in Florida.

Communities win when time and money is spent collaborating with local organizations, and animating volunteers, to register and engage voters on the issues that directly impact their lives. The political reality is that the impact of the work that so many of us do to push back against issues like white supremacy, sexual harassment & assault will be limited if we cannot win elections.

That is why the job that volunteers and under-resourced groups like the Ordinary Peoples Society did to increase the turnout by nearly 50% from the primaries, cannot be overstated. Neither can the turnout of black women, who have spent generations being underappreciated and overlooked and the last year alone in the cross hairs of a misogynist President.  That they, as a group, would help turn the tide of someone so enthusiastically supported by that predatory President is both poetic justice and a preview of a potential greater reckoning when are not afraid to we follow their lead.

Make no mistake — Senator-elect Jones still has to go out and see through on the promise of democracy that these efforts sparked tonight. What tonight’s victory reminds us is despite efforts to suppress the vote, people will turn out — if you ask them.”

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