NewFM Responds to Gov. Scott’s Signing of New Gun Bill

New Florida Majority Executive Director Andrea Mercado released the following statement on Gov. Rick Scott’s signing of Senate Bill 7026.

“Gov. Rick Scott had an opportunity to be a responsible leader on addressing school violence. 

He failed.

In allowing more personnel to be armed in schools, Gov. Scott and the legislators that made this bill possible, just add to existing fears and pave the way for potential abuse and violence. Teachers and students need more funds – not more guns in schools. They need textbooks, counselors and resources that don’t come at the expense of housing, climate resilience and other neighborhood needs.

Safety isn’t secured by law enforcement alone, but by creating an environment where all community residents, young and old, can learn and reach their full potential without the threat of force. Flowers don’t bloom in the barrel of a gun. Neither will our children.”