NewFM Member Pens Miami Herald Letter on the Importance of Domestic Workers

Carla HansackFinalNewFM member and Miami Workers Center volunteer Carla Hansack’s Letter to the Editor on the importance of domestic workers and their rights  was published on July 19, ahead of the 1st Domestic Workers Assembly, which is scheduled to be held this Saturday, July 23 on Miami-Dade College Wolfson’s Campus.

Registration is free and can be done online or by texting “workers” to 313131

“For years I was paid $350 for a 60-hour work week, much less than our state’s minimum wage. I also worked without a contract, was never paid overtime, didn’t have insurance or vacations. At any moment my employer could have refused to pay me or threaten to deport me because I’m also an undocumented immigrant,” writes Hansack. “…That’s why I now volunteer at the Miami Workers Center. We need to learn about our rights and stand together to earn recognition and worker protection. Women in California, New York and Illinois already have won a bill of rights. We can do the same in Florida. It’s time for elected leaders to stand up and protect us like any other worker.”

Click here to read Hansacks’s full piece, ” Domestic workers: America’s ‘secret”