NewFM: South Floridians Continue Stand Up for Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Miami, FL – New Florida Majority Executive Director Andrea Mercado released the following statement ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to Miami on Friday, June 16.

President Trump’s visit to Miami is a reminder of both how much harm his Administration is inflicting on black and brown communities and how much communities are actively resisting a set of hateful and dangerous policies that primarily benefit a small group of yes-people, elites and the wealthy.


Whether you are talking about foreign policy, healthcare, affordable housing, education, or civil rights, the Trump Administration’s usual plan is to ignore the experts, lift up extremist views, and to double-down on chaos and disrespect. Anyone who makes it more difficult for students to afford a college education, takes healthcare away from those who most need it, carries out deportation policies that increase workplace abuse and family separation, or re-instates mandatory minimums that expand private prisons for profit, is not the kind of leader we need or desire.


Everyday people in South Florida are standing up for one another in the face of these threats. His divisive policies are an outrage to a Miami that is trying to address the worst aspects of inequality together. We are a seeing a diverse grassroots coalition starting to mobilize around a housing crisis that is among the worst in the nation. We have a a hard fought, but growing cross partisan consensus tacking climate change that is already causing rampant flooding. In an area where the majority of the population is foreign-born and where various sectors depend on tourists, we understand how much we owe our livelihoods to the energy of visitors who come from different places.


Immigrants are welcome here. Trump is not.


South Floridians sent a clear message last November about what they valued by overwhelmingly voting against Trump. We expect our elected leaders to continue to respect that rejection and to stand up for equity, inclusion, and justice. Otherwise, we can assure you that those who fail to stand up now for what is right will feel the people’s judgement loud and clear once we get back to the polls.

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