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NYT: Midterms Aside, Big Donors See a Leftward Path to Beating Trump

The New York Times on how progressive groups representing “America’s new majority” are leading organizing efforts post-midterms.

New Florida Majority was mentioned in a Nov. 17th piece by New York Times‘ Kenneth Vogel about what’s next for progressive groups organizing in the South.

Efforts in particular to register and mobilize minority and low-income voters in the South and Southwest, donors say, present greater potential return on investment for Democrats than trying to win back the white Midwestern voters who helped elect Mr. Trump.

At the annual winter meeting of the Democracy Alliance at a downtown Washington hotel this past week, the agenda featured groups focused on registering and mobilizing voters in Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. […] The leaders of several groups that worked to mobilize minority voters — including Black Voters Matter, BlackPAC, New Florida Majority and Color of Change — were granted coveted spots at the conference, allowing them to develop potentially lucrative relationships with the major donors in attendance.