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NewFM on Scott Senate Run: Why Should Voters Reward Voter Suppression

New Florida Majority issues a statement on the annoucement that Governor Rick Scott will seek to be Florida’s next U.S. Senator.

The New Florida Majority (NewFM) released the following statement following Gov. Scott’s Senate run announcement:

Governor Rick Scott’s announcement of his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, though expected, is especially disturbing considering his consistent attempts to limit democracy in this state.

As an organization dedicated to ensuring that all Floridians have an opportunity to vote, the New Florida Majority (NewFM) has often opposed the Governor’s direct and indirect attempts at voter suppression. Gov. Scott has consistently tried to limit the ability of Floridians to participate in the political system. He led the charge to cut short the number of early voting days in 2011, he heads a rights restoration process that everyone from editorial boards to the federal court system has called arbitrary, lengthy and unconstitutional, and he refused to extend the state’s 2016 federal voter registration deadline in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Freedom and opportunity for a privileged few is a theme that runs through his policies. In a state where 44% of families struggle to make ends meet, we just cannot afford to have the needs of the few be the priority for our next federal Senatorial candidate. We expect our next Senator to value the right to vote as highly as any other right. It is one of the few institutions that most Americans agree helps keep this nation within striking distance of its lofty ideals. It helps hold elected officials accountable and Voting ensures that all communities have a voice in decisions being made, regardless of their zip code or bank account.

Elections are about choices and we look forward to Floridians being able to question Gov. Scott on his past policies, especially on how they have either expanded or limited opportunities for all families to improve their lives. Before they go to the ballot, they should know why he has wanted so few of them to do so.