Orlando Sentinel covered Andrew Gillum’s speech at the Faith in Florida event, “Count Every Vote: A Faith Response to the Florida Recount.” 

Gillum and his attorney Barry Richard, have said they wouldn’t rule out litigation, and Gillum referenced fighting over the next “weeks” in his speech. A recount overturning a margin as large as Gillum’s however, has been rare.

But, he said, “We don’t have luxury, not one of us has the luxury, of retreating. We know there are problems in the electoral system. … If we’ve got to be honest, there were people who ran these races before me also knew there were problems. But once the gavel came down and the decision was made, we retreated. Y’all, we can’t retreat this time.”

He also spoke of the cynicism he and others have heard from some in the African American community about voting.

“Too many of us had to stare that person down at the barber shop, the beauty salon, or outside the grocery store, maybe in a pew sitting next to you,” Gillum said. “[That’s] the real travesty of voter disenfranchisement, the legacy of it. It’s not just those individuals who showed up to vote and had dogs sicced on them, fire hoses opened up on them.”

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