Our Work

Securing justice for a new day in Florida.

NewFM works on multiple fronts to increase the voting and political power of Florida’s black and brown communities. Below are just a few of our key issue areas.

For more about our strategies and our victories, read more about us here.

Expanding Democracy

Florida is one of the harshest states in the U.S. when it comes to disenfrachising and disempowering its electorate. NewFM fights to bring full voting rights and increase access to voting for people of color, people with felony convictions, and poor people to build a truly representative democracy.

Climate Justice

Florida is the front line for the fallout from climate change. NewFM works on multiple fronts to bring climate justice to our state, from advocating for measures to rein in climate chaos, to providing direct services to Floridians after hurricanes.

Criminal Justice

“Justice for all” is still far from the reality in Florida, and people of color are disproportionately targeted. NewFM stands up to the many tentacles of the criminal “justice” system in our state, from defending immigrants to eliminating laws that disenfrachise people with felony convictions.

Gender Justice

Justice for women and femmes, gender nonconforming folks, and LGBTQ communities is deeply connected to issues of economic, climate, and social justice. Our ReformHER symposium series and our work with Dignity Florida Coalition, a coalition of formerly incarcerated women, are just two ways NewFM is engaged in this work.

Donate to New Florida Majority

In just the last few years, our supporters have helped us stand up to the political establishment and reclaim our democracy: expanding voter registration in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, raising wages for workers in Miami, registering tens of thousands of new voters in black and brown communities, and shifting the balance of power in the Sunshine State for good.

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